Welcome to Maher Shoes North America

Change your state everytime you put on a pair of Maher Shoes. Our customers love wearing our shoes because of how it makes them feel. Mahers’ rich designs and social communities have become a beacon of expression and excitement for over a decade. We are ecstatic to finally offer this brand in the United States for the first time in an elite and exclusive capacity.

Visit our social media pages, we want to hear about your shoe experiences so we can continue to evolve and improve the customer experience. We are all here because we love shoes and we love making people smile. Let our shoes transform your day!

How Maher came to the United States

In early 2020, I had the pleasure of meeting Glen Maher through a colleague who introduced me to the brand. I instantly fell in love with Glen’s ideas and his designs, and a friendship was born. I tried the shoes and knew from the jump that there was something different about these shoes. We spent the next six months video chatting from across the planet and sharing our dreams and vision for the brand.

The idea of bringing the brand to the U.S. was so overwhelming and exciting at the same time. I couldn’t fathom making the jump from the tech world into shoes and fashion alone. Thankfully the shoes sell themselves, and the amazing team I have built grinds daily on perfecting the platforms for getting the shoes into your hands.

We hope you love the shoes as much as we do and we look forward to serving you.

With Love,
Brett Guthrie CEO